Trellis VVV MAMP
Price Free Free $59.00
Vagrant box for local development
PHP 7.3
Extendable provisioning
Production/remote servers
Development & production parity
Ready for WordPress core development
Integrated database backups
Let’s Encrypt support
A+ SSL support
Complete control over environments

Most people in the WordPress world probably get started off with MAMP or WAMP. The issue with that is that they can be extremely brittle, for one thing.

You’re also tied to the versions of the software that MAMP pre-includes. They might upgrade to newer versions, such as PHP 5.6, but the problem is that your local MAMP install is vastly different from your shared host, or your VPS, or your dedicated server.

You can’t really get any more different than those two environments — your host machine with MAMP, and a remote server with whatever else is on there. That big gap is what can cause problems when you actually deploy. Or something goes wrong on your production server and you can’t replicate it on your local machine, or vice versa.

Scott Walkinshaw on Ep0 of Roots Radio

If you have to pass off a project to someone else, it’s way easier just to say “here is a repository, it contains all of the configuration necessary to get a vagrant virtual machine up and running with one command”

Austin Pray on Ep0 of Roots Radio

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