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Radicle is an opinionated starting point for WordPress projects with the Roots stack

Radicle improves the WordPress developer experience.

Save time and streamline your workflow by getting our preferred setup of Acorn, Bedrock, Bud, Sage, and Trellis.


Laravel and WordPress integration

Acorn allows you integrate Laravel within WordPress so that you can utilize Laravel in your WordPress sites and applications


Block editor starting points with HMR

Build blocks and block editor plugins with an incredibly fast and HMR supported build setup

Advanced folder structure

Improved developer experience by adopting Laravel's folder structure, starting from the root

Theme files are private

Theme files (pre-built front-end assets & templates) live outside of the public web directory

Everything in Radicle

  • Acorn configured from the root of your project
    • Laravel-like setup that makes it easy to navigate your project during development
  • Block editor starter setup with Bud and TypeScript*
    • Example block and block editor plugins with HMR support

    *TypeScript is optional

  • Configuration-based theme setup
    • Register and configure menus, sidebars, and theme supports from config/theme.php
  • Configuration-based registration of custom post types and taxonomies
    • Register and configure post types and taxonomies from config/post-types.php
  • Laravel folder structure
    • Bedrock has been modified to use the public/ directory as the public web root. Laravel devs will be familiar with other top level directories such as app/ , config/ , resources/ , and storage/ .
  • Laravel route support
    • Routes can serve up views similar to how you might have created "virtual pages" for WordPress. Routes are perfect for pages that don't need to be managed from the WordPress admin.
  • Easier access to theme and build files
    • All of your theme templates are located at resources/views/ . No more navigating 7 levels deep to get to your templates — they're just 2 levels away.
    • Theme directory only contains index.php , style.css , and theme.json files.
  • Recommended WordPress plugins, utilities, and Laravel packages included
    • Extended CPTs, Safe SVG, Query Monitor.
    • Acorn Prettify, Ignition, Blade Icons.
  • Sage-based theme with a better starting point
    • Basic styling and theme.json configuration.
    • TypeScript instead of JavaScript (optional).
    • SWC instead of Babel for faster compilation.
  • Starter Alpine.js and Blade based components
    • Button component
    • Modal component and block
    • More to come
  • Starter CI & testing setup
    • GitHub Actions for checking code linting and formatting
    • Basic e2e tests starting point with Playwright
    • Basic smoke test with Pest
  • Configuration for local and remote environment tools*
    • Lando config for local development
    • Trellis for local development and/or server setup and deployment

    *Lando and Trellis are completely optional

Your purchase includes access to the GitHub repository and updates for 1 year

Renewals will cost less than your original purchase

Radicle folder structure
Radicle folder structure
Radicle welcome page
Radicle /welcome/ route screenshot

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