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Available Packages

Package Description
roots/acorn-mail A simple package handling WordPress SMTP using Acorn's mail configuration
roots/acorn-prettify A collection of modules to apply theme-agnostic front-end modifications to your Acorn-powered WordPress sites

# Community packages

Package Description
blavetstudio/sage-woocommerce-subscriptions Add WooCommerce Subscriptions support to Sage 10
generoi/sage-cachetags A sage package for tracking what data rendered pages rely on using Cache Tags
generoi/sage-woocommerce Add WooCommerce support to Sage 10
leocolomb/wp-acorn-cache A WordPress cache manager powered by Laravel through Acorn
log1x/acf-composer ACF Composer is the ultimate tool for creating fields, blocks, widgets, and option pages using ACF Builder alongside Sage 10
log1x/acorn-disable-media-pages Disable media attachment pages on WordPress sites using Acorn
log1x/pagi A better WordPress pagination utilizing Laravel's Pagination
log1x/poet Poet provides simple configuration-based post type, taxonomy, editor color palette, block category, block pattern and block registration/modification
log1x/sage-directives A variety of useful Blade directives for use with Sage 10 including directives for WordPress, ACF, and various miscellaneous helpers
log1x/sage-html-forms This is a simple package for the HTML Forms plugin that allows you to easily render forms using a corresponding Blade view (if one is present) with Sage 10
log1x/sage-svg Sage SVG is a simple package for using inline SVGs in your Sage 10 projects
pixelcollective/acorn-db Provides Sage 10 and other Acorn projects with an eloquent Model layer straight from the heart of the Laravel framework
supermundano/sage-the-events-calendar Add The Events Calendar support to Sage 10
tombroucke/sage-html-forms-export-submissions Export HTML Forms submissions to Excel and CSV


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