Theme Development with Sage

Build well organized & easily maintained WordPress themes using a modern web development workflow.

A step-by-step guide to setting up a custom Sage starter theme.

98 pages PDF, ePub, MOBI, Website No DRM

Lifetime updates are included with your purchase.
New editions are released when Sage gets major updates.

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Table of contents

  • What is Sage?
  • Why Sage?
    • Professionally maintained
    • Widely used and trusted
    • Community support
    • A modern build process
    • Blade templating engine
    • Template inheritance
    • Sage helps you become a better developer
  • Starting a project
    • Installing the Sage starter theme
    • Theme setup
    • Planning out the theme
  • Customizing templates
    • Blade templates
    • Template files
    • Building template partials
    • Responsive images & post thumbnails
    • Displaying the sidebar
  • Customizing the front-end
    • CSS setup and organization
    • Default CSS and JS
    • Bootstrap
    • Browsersync
    • JavaScript and DOM-based routing
    • 3rd party packages
    • Asset paths in CSS and templates
  • Theme functionality
    • Adding additional files
    • Namespaces
    • Take advantage of newer PHP features
  • Theme customizations
    • WordPress Customizer
    • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Theme deployment
  • Theme updates and maintenance
  • Resources

This book is not an introduction to WordPress, or themes, and expects that you’ve done theme development before.


Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate the third edition. I bought the book last year and was a bit worried about getting started with 8.x and then having to learn 9. The new book is awesome – it’s clear and concise and very readable, with just enough info to be helpful without being overwhelming. As a relative newbie, I especially like the advice on setting my Mac up and your tips for the best way to do things.

I’ve gotta say, that far from being put off by Blade, it makes a lot of sense to me and I can’t wait to dig in! Thanks for steering us all in the right direction…

Neil Gilmour Neil Gilmour

Just skimmed the new Sage 9 book. Already picked up a dozen new tricks, for Sage or otherwise. Chock-full with best practices. Thx @retlehs 👍

Joe Fletcher Joe Fletcher

For anyone serious about developing with Sage, get the book. It’s worth every cent.

Alex Standiford Alex Standiford

The Sage theme development book has altered my approach to building #wordpress themes. A few bumps and bruises but thanks @retlehs

Tom Feeley Tom Feeley

Your Theme Development with Sage book has really got me up to speed today! A productive start, thank you =)

Ryan LeBear Brown Ryan LeBear Brown

Hey Ben, I just wanted to say a quick thanks for Roots / Sage & the Sage dev book I purchased. Finally found time to go through it this week and, well, I’m impressed! So yeah, thanks a bunch! :)

Gareth Lockton Gareth Lockton

The book answered most of my newbie questions quite thoroughly – especially on best practises and the theory behind the folder structures etc.

Nathan Nathan

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