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# Introduction

All of the configuration for Sage lives inside of app/setup.php. Each option is documented allowing for you to easily familiarize yourself with the options configured out of the box.

# Theme Configuration

Configuration specific to WordPress resides in the app/setup.php file. In this file, you will find the default enqueued stylesheets and scripts, the supported theme features added with add_theme_support, and the registration hooks for navigation menus and sidebars.

By default, Sage is configured to:

  • Enqueue app.css and app.js on the frontend.
  • Enqueue editor.css and editor.js in the Gutenberg editor.
  • Add theme support for common functionality.
  • Register a default navigation menu called primary_navigation.
  • Register a primary and footer Sidebar widget area.


Sage ships with a starter theme.json that is generated from the build based on your Tailwind config. See the Gutenberg docs for further information.


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