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Theme Templates

The resources/views/ directory contains files that you can further extend with the normal WordPress Template Hierarchy:

  • 404.blade.php – Error 404 page
  • index.blade.php – Archive page (used by blog page, category archives, author archives and more)
  • page.blade.php – Single page
  • search.blade.php – Search results page
  • single.blade.php – Single post page
  • template-custom.blade.php – An example single page template

All templates are wrapped by a base file in the layouts/ directory:

  • app.blade.php – The base template which wraps the base markup around all template files


The app layout contains all the content generated by Blade templates, but is itself wrapped by the index.php in the root of the theme.

These files include templates from the resources/views/partials/ directory which is where you'll be making most of your customizations:

  • comments.blade.php – Markup for comments
  • content-page.blade.php – Markup included from resources/views/page.blade.php
  • content-search.blade.php – Markup included from resources/views/search.blade.php
  • content-single.blade.php – Markup included from resources/views/single.blade.php
  • content.blade.php – Markup included from resources/views/index.blade.php
  • entry-meta.blade.php – Post entry meta information included from resources/views/content-single.blade.php
  • footer.blade.php – Footer markup included from resources/views/app.blade.php
  • header.blade.php – Header markup included from resources/views/app.blade.php
  • page-header.blade.php – Page title markup included from most of the files in the resources/views/ directory
  • sidebar.blade.php – Sidebar markup included from resources/views/app.blade.php

Extending templates

The normal WordPress Template Hierarchy is still intact. Here’s some examples:

  • Copy index.blade.php to author.blade.php for customizing author archives
  • Copy index.blade.php to home.blade.php for customizing the Home page if you’re showing the latest posts (under Reading Settings) instead of a static front page
  • Copy index.blade.php to archive-gallery.blade.php for customizing the archive page for a custom post type registered as gallery
  • Copy page.blade.php to front-page.blade.php for customizing the static front page
  • Copy page.blade.php to page-about.blade.php for customizing a page called About


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