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Deploying Trellis WordPress Sites with GitHub Actions

The roots/setup-trellis-cli GitHub Action can be used for setting up continuous deploys for Trellis based WordPress sites.

This guide requires that you already have a repo on GitHub with your WordPress site along with the trellis directory committed to it

# Setup the GitHub action

# Add the Ansible Vault password

Add a GitHub secret for ANSIBLE_VAULT_PASSWORD that contains the value of your .vault_pass file. Either manually add it at Settings > Secrets and variables > Actions, or use the GitHub CLI to automatically add it:

$ gh secret set ANSIBLE_VAULT_PASSWORD -b $(cat trellis/.vault_pass)

# Generate a SSH key

The GitHub Action runner needs to SSH into your remote Trellis server. The easiest way to get setup is by using Trellis CLI:

$ trellis key generate

After running this command you'll have:

  • A new file in trellis/public_keys — make sure to commit this addition
  • A deploy key added to your repo automatically (Settings > Deploy keys)
  • Two new repository secrets added to your repo automatically: TRELLIS_DEPLOY_SSH_KNOWN_HOSTS and TRELLIS_DEPLOY_SSH_PRIVATE_KEY

Further information can be found on the roots/setup-trellis-cli README.

# Add a workflow for deploying

The setup-trellis-cli repo contains some example workflows including:

These examples are configured to deploy a Trellis site to the production environment when the main branch is pushed to. Copy the relevant example to your repo at .github/workflows/deploy.yml.

If you site uses a Sage-based theme, make sure to modify the cache-dependency-path to point to the yarn.lock file in your theme directory.


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